Reading many genres!

Posted on Feb 6, 2013 in English, Storytelling

During our story telling unit, we all completed Reading Contracts. We were able to choose our own fictional books to study, as long as they met 2 important criteria:

– a different genre for each book

– books which matched our individual reading level

Each person read at least 3 chapter books in a 5-week period. After reading each book, we chose response tasks. We could choose to respond to plot, setting, character or theme.

Some people wrote letters to characters, re-wrote scenes in new settings, changed the ending of the story or blogged as if they were the author. Our responses showed deep understanding and great creativity.

If was wonderful to read a range of genres and be so independent in our learning!





Which was your favorite book?  Write a recommendation. Try to persuade other people in the class to read it.