Grade 4 Hosts Assembly

Posted on Mar 2, 2013 in General

Last Friday, our class hosted the Elementary Assembly. We shared many of our learning experiences with the school community.

We shared a digital story, our reading contracts and our math pattern investigation. Diana and Hanson did an excellent job reading out their letters to main characters. We also performed a play called Principled Ping and everybody delivered their lines really clearly. We used this play to teach the school about being a principled person. Great job, Geon Woo, who played the part of Ping!

The Elementary Choir, the Grade 2 Puppet Show and the Grade 6 dancers were also part of our assembly. The Grade 2 puppet show was really cute and funny.

Our favorite part was sharing our new inquiry into Natural Forces. Each person explained one of our experiments or disaster simulations. Then, we did a rap about the weather. It was so fun! Annie was such a fantastic rapper, that Mr Jarman didn’t even get to perform!

Congratulations to Hyun Seo and Kota, who were excellent hosts of our assembly! We all practiced really hard and enjoyed sharing our work with the school.

If you missed it, you can watch the video below:



What did you enjoy about assembly? Why?

How have you improved in public speaking this year?