Here are some activities you might see in our English lessons:

Shared Reading –  Ms O’Dwyer and the class reading the same book together. We are starting with “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” by Judy Blume. We laugh, learn new vocabulary and practise comprehension strategies.

Modeled Reading – Ms O’Dwyer reads aloud to us. She shows us how to read with expression and usually chooses books that are a little harder than we can read alone. Her favourite modelled book is “The Witches”.

Guided Reading – We work in small groups to read books that are right at our level. We practise decoding and comprehension skills.

Independent Reading – We have SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) every day. We can choose our own book and read for enjoyment.

Literature Study  We take an in-depth look at one book, series or author.

Word Study – We spend time learning new words and spelling patterns.

Shared Writing – The whole class writes together. We learn about each genre and practise new writing techniques.

Guided Writing – We have mini-lessons on different writing strategies to improve our work.

Independent Writing – We write by ourselves, then we conference, edit and publish our work.