Natural Forces

Central idea:

Natural forces affect our world.

Lines of inquiry:

  • how people detect or predict natural forces
  • what causes natural forces
  • impact on environment and people
  • response to disasters
Helpful Websites:
Exploring Weather
Natural Disasters Website for Kids
Weather Wiz Kids
Play with this Weather Maker
Disaster Preparation

Research Websites:

WeatherWiz – Earthquakes
BrainPop – Earthquakes
The Science of Earthquakes
Earthquakes for Kids
Kidipede – Earthquakes
BBC – Earthquakes

WeatherWiz – Volcanoes
BrainPop – Volcanoes
Facts about Volcanoes
Kidipede – Volcanoes
Fun Facts – Volcanoes
What do we know about volcanoes?

What is an avalanche?
BrainPop – Avalanche
Academic Kids – Avalanche
Weather Wiz – Avalanche Safety
Fast Facts – Avalanches
Natural Disasters – Avalanches
Avalanche Safety for Kids

BrainPop – Floods
Kid Cyber – Flood
Weather Wiz – Rain & Floods
Flood Facts – Survival Checklist
ESA – Flood Radar

These web sites are difficult to read. Tsunami experts should look at books in the classroom. You will have more success!
Earthquakes – scroll down to see Tsunamis
BrainPop – Tsunami
Tsunami Facts
National Geographic – Tsunamis
Natural Disasters – Tsunamis (old information – not up-to-date)
The Deadliest Tsunami – an article

These web sites will not give you broad knowledge. Let’s look for books as well.
Weather Wiz – scroll down, short paragraph on blizzards
Blizzards & Winter Weather
FactMonster – Blizzards & Hailstorms
11 Facts about Blizzards
Top 10 Blizzard Tips
Winter Safety Tips
Blizzard Survival Kit

Weather Wiz – Hurricanes
BrainPop – Hurricanes
Weather Watch – Hurricanes (Click ALL the tabs!)
NASA – Hurricanes
Play with this animation of hurricanes.
FEMA – Hurricanes
You should also research some famous examples like Hurricane Katrina, which caused terrible devastation.

Weather Wiz – Thunderstorms (find the section on hail)
Weather Channel – Severe Thunderstorms (hail)
What is hail?
Kids Encyclopedia – Hail
Facts on Hailstorms
Hailstorm Damage
How dangerous is a hail stone?

Weather Channel – What is a drought?
Kids Encyclopedia – Drought
Drought – a website with many tabs and LOTS to read – take your time.
Read about droughts, then click on famines
Short video on droughts

Heat Wave
Heat Wave – cause & impact – long article, ask for help with reading
Weather Wiz – Heat Wave safety
Extreme Heat
Heat Wave
Weather Channel – Impact of Heat Waves
Heat Waves in Florida, USA
Emergency Information from QLD, Australia
Facts about Heat Waves

Weather Wiz – Wildfires
How Wildfires Work – long article; ask for help with reading
What causes wildfires?
Wildfire Safety
BrainPop – fire (may NOT be helpful)
How to Prevent Wildfires

BrainPop – tornadoes
Weather Wiz – tornadoes
Tornado Guide
Facts about tornadoes
Forecasting Tornadoes
Know Tornado Facts
Tornado Facts – click on “Signs of Approaching Tornado”
Types of Tornadoes
Tornadoes Impact Our Lives

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