Do you Sudoku?

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 in How We Learn, Maths

We’ve been solving sudoku puzzles to strengthen our logical-mathematical intelligence. We discovered that our class is filled with logical thinkers! We quickly moved from simple puzzles to 9×9 grids. The room was very quiet while our brains ticked away. As rows, columns and boxes were filled, people whispered, “Yes!” We had a great Friday afternoon of puzzling.

Do you sudoku?  If not, try these 9×9 grids!

Are you a puzzle expert?    Tell us about your favourite puzzles.    Recommend some new logic puzzles to us. 


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  1. skrengel

    Dear Grade 4 students

    I am amazed that you are doing Sudoku puzzles! Congratulations on working on such a challenging activity. Doing Sudoko reminds me of the card game called Set because you have to keep searching for a pattern.

    One of my favorite activities is doing a problem- solving App called Unblock Me. Have you ever played it? It is wood blocks that are trapped and I am in charge of figuring out how to release them. Sometimes it makes me very frustrated, but also very pleased when I accomplish it.

    One of my other favorite games is Scrabble because I love word puzzles. I like to play this game with other people or against the computer. Have you ever played it?

    Have a great week and keep puzzling!

    Kind Regards,
    Ms Krengel

    • Ms O'Dwyer

      Dear Ms Krengel,

      Thank you for telling us about more logic puzzles. Some of us have played Unblock Me and some of us have played Scrabble. Thank you for this helpful information.

      We used this comment to learn about how to write great comments. We hope to write our own individual comments soon.

      Would you like to come and play a logic game with us? Do you know any more logic games?

      Kind regards,
      Grade 4

  2. Annie

    Dear Ms O’Dwyer

    Thank you for teaching us to play sudoku. This is the first time that I’ve know that there is a sudoku. But I still think I’m a puzzle expert. My favorite puzzle is not on the computer. My favorite puzzle is made of wood and it’s shape is a rectangle. It’s electronic. If you get it wrong, it makes a noise. If you get it right, the pieces join together. I like logic puzzles a lot.

    Kind regards,

  3. Na youn

    Dear. Ms.O’Dwyer

    Thank you for helping us maximize our logical intelligence. I was very appreciative to you.

    I do many puzzle games at home. My most favorite puzzle game is Unblock-me. I did that with enthusiasm. It’s really fun for me.

    Kind regards,
    Na Youn

  4. Sang Won

    Dear Ms.O’Dwyer

    I really liked sudoku puzzles. I get so interested in making a line with none of the same digits. It makes my logical skills even better. It was the most smart and fun math game I ever seen. Do you have more fun and smart math games?

    Kind regards,
    Sang Won