If I were the boss of BISS…

Posted on Aug 15, 2012 in How We Learn

We are investigating multiple intelligences. We have discovered that there are 8 ways to be smart. Today, we strengthened our verbal/linguistic intelligence by writing and reading.

We wrote about all the things we would do if we were in charge of the school. Then we read our writing aloud to our friends. What exciting schools we would run! Most people would provide students with ipads, macbooks, iphones and PSPs. Many people would reward students for playing games. Some people would have bigger playgrounds, more PE lessons and ban homework. Sarthak would organise all children to be collected in limousines. Some people even planned to move the school to the ocean or the moon!

Finally, we reflected on this verbal/linguistic activity. Some people said creative writing is their favourite thing to do and they find it easy. Other people said writing is hard for them because they can’t think of a word or a sentence. Every day, we will keep strengthening our verbal linguistic intelligence.

But back to the topic…do you have any MORE ideas?

What would YOU do if you were the boss of BISS? 



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  1. Mr. Papaseit

    Hi Fantastic Fours, congratulations for an amazing job!

    As I was reading some of the blogs we have at school, this one really stood out. I’m glad you got a lot out of this project and that you were able to highlight so many different aspects of our school in your work. Well done!

    I am a blogger myself too, and one of the best things I find about blogging is that you get to share your personality, ideas and interests with the world! Your blog should reflect who you are so that your readers can get to know you. No matter how specific your interests are, most likely there is at least someone out there who will be interested in the same thing. Blogging helps you make those connections.

    Have you had the chance to look at other blogs at school? Please take a moment to read a few of these and leave some comments. Reading other students posts helps you understand what they are doing well, and it gives you an idea of what other students are thinking about. These are both important facets of blogging that help us be more connected as a class.

    See you all on Monday and keep blogging!

    Mr. Papaseit

    • Ms O'Dwyer

      Dear Mr Papaseit,

      Thank you for following and commenting on our blog. Thank you for helping our teacher to set up our blog. We love our blog!

      We haven’t looked at other classes’ blogs yet. We will do that soon so we can learn more about what’s happening in our school.

      Kind regards,
      Grade 4

  2. Kota

    Dear Ms Odwyer,
    I really think writing about ”If I was the boss of BISS” was clever.
    Also writing it was fun too.

    If I was the boss of BISS I would move BISS to a mysterious island and make the kids play videos. And also I would tell the kids to bring your video games to school. If they do, they will earn $1,000,000 from school! Since BISS would be on a mysterious island, you would get to play with mysterious animals too!

    Kind regards,

  3. Sajid

    Dear Ms. O’Dwyer

    Thank you for letting us do something very fun. I really liked the activity. This reminds me of Grade 3 when sometimes our teacher Mr. G told us we can write anything we want and we wrote about funny stuff. Could we do some more writing about what we will do in the future?

    Kind Regards

  4. Ettie Zilber

    Dear Fantastic Fours,
    I read your blog “If I were the boss of BISS” with great interest. Indeed, you could say that I AM the boss of BISS. I loved reading your creative ideas for BISS. Always remember that “if you wish it, it is not a dream.” (T.Herzl) There is another quote which i like, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t–you are right” (Ford) These quotes mean that whatever you can imagine for yourselves or your environment can be done. All you need is a constructive imagination and a careful strategic plan. I would love to hear your continuing ideas. Sincerely, Dr. E. Zilber, Head of School

    • Hanson

      Dear Ettie Zilber

      Thank you for reading our blog. It is a very fun thing to do. We really like blogging. I even want to move BISS to the rain forest. I want to go on a little are plane to the rain forest. There are a lot of animals there. I wonder if we could bring some more rainforest plants to BISS.

      Kind regards,

    • Dave

      Dear Dr.E.Zilber

      Thank you for reading our blog. Why were you interested in this post? We really like typing comments, getting ideas and talking to people around the world on the computer. When we see your comments, we started getting more ideas! Thank you for the quotes. We really like and appreciate your comments.

      Kind regards

    • Na youn

      Dear Dr.Zilber

      I hear you – you are real boss of BISS! I am so excited that you are reading and commenting our blog!

      I want to get many trees in our school,because when there are many trees are in our school,the air will be cleaner. So I want to start planting many trees in our school.

      Kind regards,
      Na Youn

  5. Kazuki

    Dear Dr. Zilber,

    Thank you for reading our blog. My idea for BISS is to have a big playground. We could maybe walk to the park at lunch time. The park is much bigger so we could run more. Maybe the teachers could come too. Isn’t this a good idea?

    Kind regards,

  6. Hyunseo

    Dear Dr. Zilber

    Thanks you for commenting and tell us these quotes. I think it will be very helpful when I do something in my future. And if I became the boss of BISS, I will move school to north pole and we will sail in boats every day! That would be so fun.

    Kind Regards

  7. dave

    Dear Ms’Odwyer

    I liked the hints to make my picture better for the competition today in class. I loved drawing the drawings and I found one piece of geomtry in my house! [though we are not working on it now]. It has 6 sides,it is pink and the last letters are – ——.

    Kind regards,