Strategies make all the difference.

Posted on Aug 29, 2012 in How We Learn

The word of the week in Grade 4 is strategy. We have learned that applying the right strategies makes all the difference to our learning.

This week, each person chose 2 learning stations: one represented an area of strength and one was an area of weakness. We pre-tested ourselves, then applied some learning strategies, then tested ourselves again.

For example, at the logical station, people made lists, drew pictures and found patterns to solve hard Maths problems. At the musical station, people clapped rhythms, sang melodies and wrote the letters above the notes. At the visual-spatial station, people used basic shapes, shadows and hatching to improve their drawings.

Here’s someone at the musical intelligence. Look at that concentration!












Here’s someone at the bodily-kinesthetic station. Their strategies were watching the ball, keeping the bounces low and only moving their wrists.












We’ve had great fun this week but Ms O’Dwyer designed the tasks. Next week, we are in charge of our own potential! We are making action plans and taking charge of our own strengths and weaknesses. Stay tuned!

Which strategies worked well at each station? Which strategies didn’t work? 

Did you use more than one intelligence at each station? Tell us about this.



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  1. skrengel

    Dear Grade 4

    My students in Grade 10 are working on strategy, too! One of their projects will be to create a lesson to teach the Grade 4 students how to play Badminton. Perhaps you already know how to play? If so, they will try to teach you new strategies.

    Grade 10 students use the DESIGN CYCLE process to solve a problem. The problem they are trying to solve is “How can I teach rules and strategies of a sport to elementary students?” The first step of this process is to INVESTIGATE. Have you heard the work RESEARCH? They are first collecting PRIMARY RESEARCH by conducting interviews and creating a survey. Can you help these students by completing the survey link below?
    I will keep you updated on their work and when they will come to your class to teach a lesson!

    Thanks for your support.

    Kind Regards,
    Ms Krengel
    MYP Technology Teacher

    • Ms O'Dwyer

      Dear Ms Krengel,

      Thank you very much for telling us about the design cycle. We are very interested to know that Grade 10 students are learning about strategies too!

      We have all completed the survey monkey. It was very quick and easy! Thank you for giving us a link. We all knew the answers because we had just done a Maths activity to measure our height!

      We are very excited to have badminton lessons from Grade 10 students.

      Thank you for being so helpful to our learning.

      Kind regards,

      Grade 4

  2. Poonnapa

    Dear Ms.O’Dwyer

    That day I had so much fun. But I wasn’t good at the bodily/kinesthetic game because it was a little for me.

    You know Ms.O’Dwyer, at home I play pingpong with my father and mother sometimes. If I play with someone it was very easy to play. It is much harder to do this action by myself.

    Kind regards,