Under the Magnifying Glass

Posted on Aug 23, 2012 in How We Learn

Today we strengthened our naturalist intelligence. We went hunting! We took clipboards and magnifying glasses into the playground to find living things we don’t normally notice. We focused on scientific observation and recording skills. We looked closely at features, sketched details and added informative labels.

Some people became fixed on a particular insect or leaf. They spent all their time sketching and marvelling at one object. Other people took many samples of insects and plants. When we returned to class, we wrote detailed descriptions and reflected on our most interesting discoveries.












Then we discussed natural intelligence in greater depth. Did you know it was the last intelligence to be added to Howard Gardner’s theory? We began to think about the value of naturalist intelligence in the world today.

Keep your thinking hats on.

Why is naturalist intelligence important in the world?

What other intelligences could be used to make an impact on the natural world?


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  1. Julie Lindsay

    Hello Grade 4
    I have really enjoyed reading about your activities so far this year. Talking about naturalist intelligence, now that I am back in Australia my senses have been heightened to the Australian animals, birds and insects once again. The sights and sounds of the Australian bush and coastal areas are quite unique. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do a field trip to Australia and experience this with me? Maybe you could do this virtually? My favourite bird here is the kookaburra…it makes me laugh!
    Have a great year in Grade 4, I will be watching you!
    Mrs Lindsay

    • Ms O'Dwyer

      Dear Mrs Lindsay,

      Thank you for following our blog and teaching us about Australian nature. We just watched a kookaburra laughing on youtube. We all laughed too! We have never heard a bird sound like that! Are there more interesting, unique animals in Australia?

      We would love to get on a plane and fly to Australia. Maybe we could Skype instead to keep learning from you.

      Kind regards,
      Grade 4

    • Joshua

      Dear Mrs.Lindsay

      My name is Joshua and the reason I am replying to you is because I found another animal that only lives in Australia and I found it in a book today! Do you know about the platypus? I found out that the platypus is poisonous! Have you seen one? I will wait to hear about other animals you know about and you can reply to if you want to.

      Kind regards,

  2. Na Youn

    Dear Ms.Odwyer

    I think naturalist intelligence is important, because when we don’t care about nature in the world, the air will become bad. We need trees to help clean the air and trees are part of nature. So, naturalist intelligence is important in the world.

    Bodily kinesthetic intelligence can impact on the natural world because when people are using their bodies they can help or hurt the earth.

    I will promise try to come this site everyday!

    Fantastic grade four student,
    Na Youn

  3. Geon

    Dear Ms.O’Dwyer

    I think we need naturalist because if we don’t have trees on the earth, there will be no oxygen. And we won’t be able to make things with woods and we won’t be able to make medicines from nature. We need naturalist for our earth!

    Geon Woo

  4. Diana

    Dear Ms. O’Dwyer.
    I think this is a hard question because I don’t know why we need naturalist intelligence. But I know that sometimes people leave rubbish on the earth’s floor and don’t recycle. I think in the earth, we’re running out of trees and this is a problem! So I used my naturalist intelligence to plant pumpkin and cucumber seeds. It reminded of going to the organic farm. Have you ever visited a farm?

    Kind regards,

  5. Joshua

    Dear ms.Odwyer

    I think your idea was fantastic and it was cool to hunt for insects and plants.I think we can find out amazing thins about nature. This activity reminds me when I am doing experiment because it also is good for finding out. I have a question and it is do you know anything more about nature?

    I think naturalists are important to world because if there aren’t any naturalists the environment could be very bad and there will be much pollution. Many types of intelligence can work together to make the world better.

    Kind regards,

  6. Joy

    Dear Grade 4,

    You, guys are so awesome. Your works are very interesting. Now I would like to know about naturalist intelligence and have it. I will follow this blog to get information on it. Keep working.

    Best regards,

    Joy, Joshua’s mom

  7. Hanson

    Dear Ms O’Dwyer,

    It is a great thing to go hunting for things in nature. I like using the magnifying glass because I saw things very close and things I never saw before. It is a very fun thing to do. I hope we do it again on Activity Week.

    Kind regards,