Meet our Teacher

Posted on Aug 9, 2012 in General

This week, we started Grade 4 and met our teacher.

Here are some fun facts about her:

Name: Ms O’Dwyer           Nationality: Australian          Lives: Beijing

Loves: teaching Grade 4                Hates: icy cold winters

Plays: the violin                         Favourite author: Roald Dahl

Favourite hobby: ocean swimming & snorkelling

Favourite animal:  giraffes           Fears: birds that peck & flap



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  1. Kota

    Dear Ms O’Dwyer,

    I think you are an awesome teacher.

    Also, how you explain the lessons is really easy to understand.

    Can you tell us more about camp? When is the day?

    Kind regards,


    • Ms O'Dwyer

      Dear Kota,

      Thanks for your kind comment. I’m lucky to have such an enthusiastic, hard-working class!

      Check out the “countdown to camp” on the left side of our blog. There are only a few sleeps left!

      Kind regards,
      Ms O’Dwyer