Taking Over as Teachers

Posted on Sep 10, 2012 in How We Learn

For two weeks, we are taking over as teachers!

We have each made a plan to improve in one area of strength and one area of weakness.

We set goals, planned strategies and gathered equipment. We are now putting our plans into action for 1 lesson per day, for 8 days in a row. We are pre-testing ourselves, using strategies and trying to stay committed to our goals. Each day, we are reflecting on challenges, writing about strategies that worked and planning different strategies for the next day.

It’s really fun to be independent but sometimes it’s frustrating, too. It takes a lot of commitment. We are glad our teachers and friends are there when we face challenges or need new strategies.

Here are some people working on their action plans:


Piano Teacher













Soccer Coach













Math Tutor













What challenges are you facing?

Are you improving?   How do you know?


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  1. tgascoigne

    Hi Grade 4 bloggers!

    First of all, your blog is awesome! I have enjoyed reading your posts – you are learning and growing in big ways.

    I think it is so cool that you are learning about how each of you are individual and unique. We all learn in different ways and you are truly understanding that.

    One of the challenges I am facing is eating healthier. I love to eat lots of different foods. Sometimes I know that the food is not good for me but I eat it anyway (especially chocolate!). Do you have suggestions to help me? Maybe I need a plan and a set of goals?

    See you in the blogosphere!

    Mr. G.

    • Geon Woo

      Dear Mr G

      Thank you for reading our blog! I think you are the same as me. Sometimes, I also eat food that is bad for me (especially noodles). I think we have to make a goal. I have already made one. Do you have a goal?

      Kind regards,

      Geon Woo

  2. Benedict

    Dear Ms O’Dwyer,

    I am new to BISS. I am very happy to be in grade 4 with you because I learned a lot this week. I love how you teach us camp songs for our camp and your teaching method. I like this class a lot and and I hope you can reply to me.

    Best Regards,

  3. Poonnapa

    Dear Ms O’Dwyer

    That day it was fun to be the teacher. I was an artist with Diana. Diana was drawing my portrait and I drew another artwork.

    Kind Regards

  4. Sarthak

    Dear Mr.G

    Thank you for reading our blog and I liked your Chinese name. We have learned lots about goals and strategies.

    Kind regards,


  5. Sajid

    Dear Ms.O’Dwyer

    I really enjoyed the “become your own teacher” activity because it was really fun. I chose Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence. The activity I chose was Basketball. First I was really bad at it but then I really improved a lot because the first time I got 0/10 and at the last time I got 7/10. I still liked my score even if I didn’t get 10/10. I hope we can do an activity like that again someday.

    Kind Regards