We’re back from camp!

Posted on Sep 21, 2012 in General


It was the BEST week!

We went to a beautiful village and had perfect weather. We planted our team flags, built tents from sticks and completed a set of challenges over 3 days. In each challenge, we tried to demonstrate trust, cooperation, communication and encouragement to succeed. The challenges included rock climbing, tree planting, nature hunting, kayaking, river swimming, hiking…and many more!

Our favorite part was the campfire each night. We cooked chocolate-filled bananas and marshmallows. We sang songs and gazed at millions of stars.

See a summary of our camp in the slideshow below:

What was your favorite part of camp?

What did you find challenging? (difficult)

What did you learn about teamwork?

What else did you learn?  (about nature, new games, making friends etc.)


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  1. Benedict

    Dear Ms O’Dywer,

    I had a really fun week at camp. I’ve never been out of my house for more than 1 day. I learned how to kayak and rock-climb. I’d never had a chance to try the activities if I never went to the camp.

    Best Regards,

  2. Myoung gui Lim

    I think your camping sounds very fun and thank you for returning safely.
    If I get the chance, I also want to learn to kayak and rock-climb.

    Best regards
    Myoung gui Lim

    • Ms O'Dwyer

      Thank you very much for reading our blog and following our learning!

      We had a wonderful time at camp! Kayaking and rock-climbing were definitely two of our favorite challenges.

      Geon Woo was especially clever at tent-building and nature-hunting. The Eagles team were great communicators and encouragers. Their tent was the first to take shape and they always cheered for each other.

      Thanks again for commenting on our blog.
      Kind regards,

      Shannon O’Dwyer

  3. Na Youn

    Dear. Ms.O’dwyer

    First, thank you for taking us to camp. It was a really cool thing in my life.

    My favorite thing to do at camp was build the campfire because it was so yummy to eat the bananas and marshmallows. But mostly I liked to sing songs and play instruments near the fire.

    I learned about teamwork in the camp. I know that I need to communicate,cooperate,trust and encourage my friends in my team.

    Kind regards,
    Na youn