What makes a great team?

Posted on Sep 17, 2012 in General

Activity Week is finally here!

Our theme is teamwork.

Today we formed teams and created:

  • team names
  • cheers
  • symbols
  • flags

The “Lions” create their flag.

Then, we played lots of games to understand how teams work.

We discovered that successful teams have members who:

  • ENCOURAGE  each other.

Here we are exploring these concepts through games:

Disappearing Island

Finger Tip Hula Hoop Challenge

Trust Falls 1

Trust Falls 2

Lava Island 1

Lava Island 2

Can your team move on 8 knees?

Can your team move on 4 legs?

Can your team move on 4 knees & 4 hands?

Can your team move on 4 feet & 2 hands?


Tomorrow we are off to camp!


We will carry our flags proudly and put our teams to the test. We will try to trust, cooperate, communicate and encourage each other when we are faced with even bigger challenges! We are looking forward to rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and tree-planting.

From the Grade 4 Campers


What else did you learn about working in a team?

Why is teamwork important?

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  1. Annie

    Dear Ms O’Dwyer

    I liked the game that we played to build teams. I learned that teams need to help each other. I think teamwork is important because you will need teamwork when you grow up for your study and your job.

    by: Xueling