Geometry Hunters: Ancient Greek legacies in our school!

Posted on Oct 16, 2012 in Ancient Civilisations, Maths

Did you know that the ancient Greeks made lots of mathematical discoveries?

This week, we have been looking at ancient architecture and learning about lines, angles and 2D shapes. We still use ancient Greek geometry in our art, architecture, music and games today.

In small groups, we hunted for geometry around our school. We earned a point for every mathematical legacy we could find, name and measure.

Here is a group of Geometry Hunters and their findings:


What did you learn about the properties of 2D shapes this week?

Why is mathematics important in architecture?

Why is mathematics important in music?


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  1. Joy

    Hi, guys!

    This is so so cool! You have found math stuff around school. Now I can find some shapes in my kitchen. Guess what I found! I use it to cut and it’s a rectangle.

    Joy, Joshua’s mom

    • Ms O'Dwyer

      Dear Joy,

      Thank you for commenting and quizzing us!

      We think the answer could be:
      – a knife with a rectangular blade?
      – or maybe it’s a chopping board?
      – or maybe it’s a rectangular grater?

      Did we guess correctly?
      Thank you for making us think!

      Kind regards,
      Grade 4

  2. Joy

    Dear Ms O’Dwayer,

    I am glad to hear they were enjoying.
    In fact, Korean usually do not have a knife with a retangular knife which is used by Chinese often. I have a cutting board and a grater. However I was thinking of the cutting board at that time. Children are much smarter than I am. I could not think other things except the board.

    Thank you for replying!

    Best regard,