Wandering through the Ancient World

Posted on Oct 19, 2012 in Ancient Civilisations

Today, we left our classroom and wandered through the ancient world. (Well, almost!)

We spent the day at World Park, hunting for ancient architecture. With a map and a team, we navigated our way through ancient China, Rome, Egypt and Greece. We found, touched and climbed on replicas of many famous buildings. Our favorites were the pyramids, the Parthenon, the Colosseum and the Trojan Horse.

We made notes about interesting features and discussed the ratio of size between the replica and the real buildling.

We have learned that architectural legacies can be seen in many modern buildings.


Ancient Architecture on PhotoPeach

Keep reading and thinking:

Have you seen any modern buildings with Greek columns?

Why was the Trojan Horse built?

How and why did the Egyptians build pyramids?


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  1. Joy

    Dear O’Dwyer,

    This place is great! I’d love to go there. The children look the part of the beautiful constructions. Whoever took the pictures must be an artist.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    Warm regards,

    Joshua’s mom

  2. Muriel pang

    Hi Miss O’Dwyer,
    Seems to be a fun place and the kids were having great time while learning!

    More of such trip shall arrange.


  3. skrengel

    Hello Grade 4 –

    It looks like you had a wonderful adventure! Can you take me with you next time?

    Kind regards,
    Ms Krengel

  4. Benedict

    Dear Ms O’Dwyer,

    It was fun at the world park. I’ve never been to a park with ancient architecture and now know about lots of details. I was glad we went on this field trip.

    Best Regards,