Greek Mythology made us better readers.

Posted on Nov 24, 2012 in Ancient Civilisations, English

While studying ancient history, we loved reading Greeks myths.

We became friends with every god on Mt Olympus and met blood-thirsty creatures, such as a gorgon, cyclop, harpie, cerberus and chimera. We enjoyed reading these myths through historical fictional novels, such as “It’s all Greek to Me”.

We made connections to many of the modern stories, movies and comics that still use characters and themes from Greek mythology.

We also enjoyed Greek myths through Readers’ Theatre. We practiced reading fluently, with vocal expression, facial expression, gesture and pacing. Each group performed a different myth, including Theseus & the Minotaur, King Midas and Medusa.

As a class, we also explored the vocabulary and themes of Pandora’s Box. We each played a part and shared our video at assembly.

Grade 4 presents Pandora’s Box!

Add comments about any modern books, movies or comics you know that contain characters or themes from Greek mythology. 


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  1. Benedict Lim

    Dear Ms O’dwyer,
    It was fun performing Pandora’s box and I was glad the ancient Greeks invented Myths because I like Myths from the ancient times, especially from the Greeks. If we perform next time, I want to become a character with more talking parts, like Epimetheus.

    Kind regards,

  2. Joshua

    Dear Ms. O’Dwyer

    It was cool to perform Pandora’s Box and it was a cool idea to show our video in the assembly (it was little embarrasing but it was still cool). It reminded me of doing other plays in Grade 1 or 2. I also know all about the Trojan War and it is related with Greek mythology, too. Anyway, it was a cool performing and if do it again I’ll try my best.

    Kind regards,

  3. Poonnapa

    Dear Ms.O’Dwyer

    I enjoyed it when I played the character. It was a great show. In Thailand I never did shows so much like in Beijing. I like the ancient times. Ms.O’Dwyer this story gave me a lot of knowledge! Please may I have the part that has even more actions in our next play?

    Kind Regards