Grade 4 Film Festival

Posted on Jan 30, 2013 in Storytelling

Last Friday, the Grade 4 students hosted a Film Festival. We invited studens, parents and teachers to come to our premiere. We screened 5 amazing digital stories, made by us!

The titles were:

Blaze Saves The World, A Magical AdventureMonster Challenge, Underwater Adventure and Aliens Attack.

We also provided snacks for the audience to enjoy while watching our short films.

During the party, the hosts explained the 5 steps we used while making a movie. The first step was imagining (or pre-writing). Each group had 1 giant sheet of paper and we jotted down every idea about the character and setting.The second step was drafting. Each person made a plot diagram and then wrote a draft for their story. The third step was adapting. We made story boards and worked out which image and part of the story would suit each scene. The fourth step was production. We all had jobs as script writers,  illustrators or  sound engineers. The sound engineer had to create a soundtrack matching the script using GarageBand. After that, we recorded the narration, added music and turned it into a podcast. The last step 

was Editing in iMovie. We had to make sure the images and soundtrack matched perfectly and it was very frustrating.

After the premiere was finished, it was time to hand out the awards. We asked Mrs Gallis to help us. The winners were:

Blaze Saves The World – Best Script

Underwater Adventure – Most Creative Setting

A Magical Adventure – Best Characterisation

Aliens Attack – Best Soundtrack

Monster Challenge– Best Collaboration

Finally, the audience voted for the People’s Choice Award. And the winner is….A Magical Adventure! (You can watch this favorite story below). All out other stories will be on our wikis soon.

We would like to thank Mr Papasiet for helping us and teaching us all about iMovie and Garage Band.

What an Exciting Day!

by Benedict


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  1. Jermaine

    Dear Ms Odwyer

    My favorite stories were Aliens Attack, Underwater Adventure and A Magical Adventure. The Aliens Attack was so funny because the sounds were very clever. The Underwater Adventure is also great because the setting is very nice and the soundtrack is also very beautiful. A Magical Adventure is nice but is not funny but is very good because the characters are interesting. I like our stories!

    Kind Regards