Patterns help us solve problems.

Posted on Feb 21, 2013 in Maths

In this math unit, we learned about patterns. We learned to find and create many types of patterns. We made repeating patterns and growing patterns with numbers. We worked out the rules and used these to make predictions. We even learned to solve patterns with algebra.

We especially enjoyed working in groups to solve problems with matchsticks. Some of them were hard but our patterning skills helped us.

Have a look at our patterns video below!

By Na Youn, Hyun Seo & Kaopoon



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  1. Mr Lindsay

    Congratulations Grade 4 and Ms O’Dwyer.
    Yes, mathematics really is fun as well as being really useful.
    I’ll use some of your ideas in my teaching in Mullumbimby and Banora Point in New South Wales, Australia.
    Keep on being mathematical enquirers and you will become even more knowledgeable.
    Mr Lindsay

  2. Geon woo

    Dear Ms.O’Dwyer

    Playing with patterns was very cool! I learned that we can predict next number by first knowing the pattern. I wish we could do this again.

    kind regards, Geon Woo