A Day in Wu Lu Ju Chinese School

Posted on Apr 25, 2013 in Communities

Last Friday, we visited Wu Lu Ju Middle School to compare the similarities and differences between our neighbourhood Chinese school and BISS International School. We walked through the park to Wu Lu Ju and it only took about 7 minutes.

When we reached the school, we went to look at their basketball court and running track. We noticed that their running track was much bigger than ours. Then the principal came to give us a tour. We walked throughout the building and looked at their hallways. The building was a 4-storey red-brick structure, just like ours. In the hallways, they had displays of historic figures with information about them and paintings of many kinds. We saw many similarities in areas of study, such as ancient civilisations.

Next, we went into the 7th grade classroom to see what their classroom looked like. The desks were single like ours, but they were set up in rows, not groups for a different style of learning. The classes were also larger, with about 25 students in each. The students told us which subjects they have, such as: English, Chinese, Math, History, Geography, Music, Chemistry and Computer Class. After that, we joined an 8th Grade to do eye exercises. In the music room, we noticed many pianos (but not other instruments) and the library was filled with Chinese books (but not books in other languages). After that, we went to the art room to learn paper cutting with the 7th grade. We learned how to fold the paper and cut it. After cutting, we made designs of different shapes and sizes. They were amazing!

After the art lesson, it was time to give out our friendship cards and say good bye to our new friends. At last, it was time to return to BISS. It was a great visit! We identified many similarities between our learning communities and also a few differences. Look at our Venn diagrams to see more!

By Benedict & Geon Woo

What was the most interesting difference you noticed between our schools?
What impact would this difference have on a student’s experience at school?

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  1. Na Youn Kim

    Thank you for teaching us about communities and letting us to go WuLuJu school. It was a little cold and rainy but it was fun!

    I looked around the school and found diffirences and similarities between that school and our school. I looked at many rooms and did some activities. I even played the piano in music room. I also got a book mark from them. We did eye exercising and paper cutting, too. When I finished eye exercising, I felt comfortable.

    I also did paper cutting with my partner.My partner has long curvy brown hair and was wearing glasses. I liked her because she helped me do paper cutting and she gave me beautiful presents!

    Kinds regards,
    Gr4 Na Youn