My Awesome Sports Day

Posted on Apr 25, 2013 in English, General

Yesterday, the Elementary School had our Sports Day. At 1pm, Students from the BISS, BSB and the REGO Lions were all warming up excitedly on the track.

The first event was 100m dash. Everyone was getting nervous and finally the wistle blew. I sped around the corner and crossed the finish line. I was in two races and got 3rd place on the first run and 1st place on the second run! I was very very proud of myself.

The next event was long jump. Every competitor got a warm-up jump. When I warmed up, I thought about the positioning of the yellow line. Every school could have 2 kids in this event. BISS chose Joshua and me from Grade 4. After all the warm-ups, it was my turn to jump. I ran as fast as I could and jumped as far as I could. I got 1st place! I was very happy and I sprinted over to get my ribbon.

At long last, it was the race I had been waiting for. It was the relay. In my relay team were Kazuki, Geon Woo, Jack and me. However, Kazuki was badly injured so Syakir replaced him. First Syakir ran and gave the baton to Jack. Then Jack ran and passed it to Geon Woo. Geon Woo ran towards me and as I got the baton I was suddenly very nervous. I took off and ran as fast as I could. But we were losing. I tried my best and started to take over. In the end, I beat them! My team won the relay! We were celebrating with joy! I couldn’t believe it!

Overall, I was very proud of all my events. I feel like this was the best day of the year. I think I really improved in running and jumping because in one day, I ran 2 x 100m, 3 x 50m, plus a relay. I got a lot of exercise and had a lot of fun. The highlight was the exact moment that I crossed the finish line in the relay. It was the best day.

By Kota
Grade 4

What was your highlight from Sports Day?
How did you show sportsmanship?
Did you make any new friends?

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  1. Na Youn Kim

    Dear Ms.O’Dwyer & Mr E.,

    Thank you for letting us to do sports day! It was so fun and competitive!

    I was tired but I did lots of events. I did hurdles, 100m, 50m, long jump, acid river and 2 relays.

    My highlight from sports day was that I have great teamwork with my relay groups. We didn’t get 1st prize but we were happy that we tried and did our best! I saw lots of sportsmanship through good teamwork and cooperation.

    I made 3 friends and they were all from BSB. One of them was really good at sports and she got five 1st prizes!

    I love sports day and I am looking forwards to the next sports day a lot! I will try to improve my running skills next time.

    Kind regards,
    Na Youn