Developing a Love of Reading

Posted on Aug 15, 2013 in Professional Blog

This week, your child stepped into a classroom filled with books. Your child’s teacher will provide a rich literacy program, designed to build reading skills and a love of language. Parents are very important in this process. Here are some tips for instilling a love of reading in your child:

Read to yourself.
Be a role model for your child. Read books, magazines, blogs and recipes. Show your child that you are a reader.

Read aloud to your child.
Plan a time each day to read to your child. Choose a comfortable place, sit close together and enjoy a great story. Don’t stop when your child can read independently. Instead, take turns and read a page each. Reading aloud in your child’s mother tongue is very important.

Talk about the book.
Ask questions, chat about the pictures and make predictions. Talk about events and characters as if they are real.

Let your child take charge.
Allow freedom of choice. Get excited about the book your child chooses at the school library. This month, your child might love graphic novels, comics or joke books.

Don’t be afraid to stop. Then start again!
If a book seems boring or too difficult for your child, put it aside. Help your child find a book that sparks their interest. Ask the teacher to send home a popular book.

Trust us.
If your child brings home a reader, it has been carefully chosen to suit his/her needs and build confidence. It might seem easy at first. Get excited about the book and praise your child. Ask your child’s teacher privately if you are unsure about the level.

Ask us!
We would love to pick a great book for your family to read tonight!


Happy reading, parents and children!


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