Big Green World

Posted on Jun 6, 2013 in Finite Resources

This is our final post for the year!

Thank you to all our parents, friends and teachers who have followed us from around the world.

It has been a wonderful year in Grade 4 and we are very proud of our learning.

To finish the year, we’d like to share our very own music video, “Big Green World”.

(Read more about our environmental project in this previous post)

While preparing this environmental message, we learned a lot about persuasive language, filming techniques and digital editing. We were inspired by Joni Mitchell’s original classic “Big Yellow Taxi”.

We hope you are inspired to save the trees!




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  1. Mr D

    That was magic Grade 4!!! Such an important message and such a great job with the video. I used a paper cup for coffee at school yesterday so I feel very guilty but I promise not to anymore! Congratulations to everyone and have a wonderful Summer break. Your old friend Mr D.

  2. Mr Lindsay

    This is a wonderful video students. What a great message to leave at the end of the school year. All the best for a happy holiday.
    Mr Lindsay

  3. Mrs Gailis

    I am so proud of you! Your video was amazing!!!!! I will take it the USA with me and show all of my friends. They will be shocked to see what great teachers work at BISS who help you make this type of project a reality. They will be amazed that you 4th graders completed such an awesome project. Have a great summer! Remember to be kind to the planet over the summer. Get plenty of rest, read books, and enjoy the sunshine!!! I look forward to seeing most of you in AUG, ready for Grade 5!